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Joaquín Castellote Amor


Son Rullan.jpg

I'm Joaquín, I was born in Barcelona and although I love to travel, my heart rests in the Mediterranean.


With FARO I bring together my three great passions: helping others, enjoying beauty and making things work.


Spain is a unique place in the world to own a property for many reasons. And to be able to help people find a special place to fall in love with and to accompany them at all times to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that they enjoy the whole process is something that makes me happy.

What is FARO?

Guide, objective, destination, map, light, hope, security... are words generally associated with a lighthouse. And that is our goal.


We want to help turn a process that can sometimes be confusing and exhausting into something enjoyable and exciting.


We want our clients to feel safe, secure and confident that they are being guided and given all the information they need to make the best decisions.

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